Entry-Level Recruitment:

Fresh and professionally qualified candidates in the areas of engineering, management, finance etc are directly recruited every year from reputed institutes, through campus recruitment programme.

Senior-Level Recruitment:

Efforts are made to fill up senior-level positions with in-house talent, available anywhere in the Group. If needed, lateral recruitments are made from external sources. For this purpose, employee references of known candidates are also encouraged.

On Boarding Process:

Elaborate induction programmes are held in each Company for all entry level recruitments. Induction programmes include classroom lectures on subjects in the areas of functional, basics of management, behavioural, team building and brief introduction to other businesses in the Group. Induction programmes also include on the job training, site visits of plants and other business establishments, out bound programme and familiarisation with senior executives.
For all lateral entrants at senior level, a separate Group Induction Programme is organised every four months. In this two days programme, CEOs of all the businesses come to the classroom for interaction with the participants and sharing on their respective businesses. In this process, participants get familiarised with all the businesses in the Group and the Senior Leadership Team including the Group Chairman.